Candid Photography

Gain the confidence and skills to turn spontaneous moments into unforgettable photos!

What is Candid Photography?

Have you ever told someone to "say cheese?" Somehow we all believe “say cheese” is the only way to get a good photo. This month we'll banish "say cheese" and investigate the wonderful world of candid photography.

A candid photo is a photo you capture while the subject is unaware of the camera. It's a fun and freeing genre - great for beginners if you're just learning your way around your camera, as you don't need to think about your camera settings. I'll show you how to focus on finding the right moment, staying inconspicuous, and capturing that little slice-of-life photograph that really gives your viewer a feeling for your subject.

Candid Photography Course Content

  • 1. Introduction to Candid Photography
  • 2. How to Become Invisible
  • 3. Candid Subjects
  • 4. Context and Setting
  • 5. The Right Moment
  • 6. Perspective and Framing
  • 7. Unposing Chronic Posers
  • 8. Candid Challenges

In Detail

I'll show you how to capture a natural (not forced) smile.

Use a different perspective to make your candid photos unique.

On day 6, I'll show how the background is sometimes just as important as your main subject.

Introduction to Candid Photography - We'll start with the basics. I'll explain what Candid Photography is (and is not); the best camera to use; any extra equipment you need; and the camera settings to choose.

How to Become Invisible - In order to take candid photos, you need to be invisible - make yourself so inconspicuous that people fail to notice you. There are different techniques needed for photographing children, adults and strangers - and I'll show you each one. Today, I'll also show you a technique for 'shooting from the hip' - taking great photos while not raising your camera to your eyes.

Candid Subjects - What is it that makes a good subject for a candid photograph? And why do some subjects works so much better than others? I'll explain the main elements for capturing an authentic candid photo. And show you how to include emotion and story in your images.

Context and Setting - Context is particularly important whenever you are photographing candid subjects, because without the environment, there's less of a story. When your subject is doing something within his environment, it makes sense to include some of that environment so that your viewer can draw can draw conclusions about what is going on at that moment. That's today's topic.

The Right Moment - Candid photography essentially boils down to this fundamental task: finding the magic moment. You can't have a great candid photo if you don't capture that split second where something amazing happens - that genuine expression of joy, or an exchange between two people. So, today, we discuss how to develop an eye for spotting and capturing that perfect candid moment.

Perspective and Framing - While it's important to find the right moment, there are scenes that just need that extra something in order to be truly unique. I'll show you how to use perspective, frames and backgrounds to add that extra something to your candid photo.

Unposing Chronic Posers - I'm sure you've seen family photo albums where every picture of one kid has the exact same cheesy grin on his face. While a bit boring, it's also not an accurate reflection of that child's life, or his personality. Today, I'll provide some strategies to expose the real personality of any chromic poser.

Candid Challenges - Finally, I'll cover some challenges you might encounter when taking candid photos. And I'll provide practical solutions to each challenge, like how to stabilize your camera in low light.