August: Golden Hour

Use Sunset and Sunrise to create magical photos that are soft, warm and full of texture.

What's so Awesome about the Golden Hour?


The Golden Hour is the hour when the sun is near the horizon. During this time, the light from the sun has three essential qualities that will help you take outstanding photos. And the best part is it happens twice a day - sunset and sunrise.

Golden Hour light has these three magical properties that mean fantastic photos:

  • Soft: Because the sun's light travels further through the atmosphere, it's less intense and gains a 'softer' tone. Which means you can have your subjects facing straight into the sun and they won't squint!
  • Warm: Not only is the light softer, but it's warmer too - more reds and yellows and less blue. Warmer light is perfect for portraits because it's more flattering (think the tanned skin look).
  • Texture: The low angle of the light adds texture and character to your photos too. And long shadows help to suggest the third dimension missing in a 2D photo.

Take Amazing Landscapes During the Golden Hour!

See what I mean in these two shots. The photo of the golden gate taken at sunset looks a lot better than the one below taken at noon. Image Source

'Golden Hour' Course Content

  • 1. Golden Hour Light
  • 2. Camera Settings
  • 3. Planning and Preparation
  • 4. Challenges
  • 5. Landscapes
  • 6. Silhouettes
  • 7. Portraits
  • 8. Shadows and Light

In Detail

Landscapes look magical when photographed during the Golden Hour.

The Golden Hour brings out the best for your portrait subjects too.

The Golden Hour is an amazing time to create silhouette masterpieces.

Golden Hour Light: We'll start by explaining exactly when 'Golden Hour' occurs, what it is, why the light during the golden hour is so different, and why photographing during this time is so great.

Camera Settings: Golden Hour can trick your camera's 'auto' setting, so today, I'll let you know how to setup your camera to take the best shots. I'll also explain the perfect angle for those golden rays.

Planning and Preparation: Because the Golden Hour light changes dramatically during the hour, it helps to plan a little to get the best shot. Today, I'll talk a little about how to plan, your mindset, things to watch out for, and the power of patience!

Challenges: There can be some challenges when photographing during the golden hour. I'll show you how to avoid all the possible problems.

Landscapes: A landscape at sunrise or sunset is one of the most beautiful things on earth. But sometimes, when you try to photograph that scene, you don't always get an image that does justice to the way the scene looked in real life. Today, I'll explain how to ensure you'll always capture the grandeur of the scene in front of you!

Silhouettes: Silhouetting is a wonderful creative technique, and it can produce stunningly beautiful images, evocative of romantic feelings. And during the golden hour, silhouettes are easier to create, and also give a much better result. Win-Win!

Portraits: The Golden Hour is not just good for photographing landscapes. It's perfect for portraits as well. Portraits taken in the golden hour light give your subject's skin a healthy glow. In fact Golden Hour Portraits are quite in vogue - with the professionals charging a premium to photograph at that time of day. And you'll get that knowledge today!

Shadows and Light: Because the sun is close to the horizon, shadows are elongated and become much more dramatic. Incorporating shadows will enhance your golden hour photos even more. Also today, I'll show you some other neat tricks using shadows and light.